The Black Leather Jacket

What I'm Wearing

Leather Jacket from Theory     Jeans ( similar) from Levis     Boots from John Varvatos     Hat (similar) from Topman

The leather jacket is a menswear staple, and a style icon in its own right. Seen on the backs of some of the biggest names in Hollywood, professional sports, and even the business world, the leather jacket is a wardrobe must have. A leather jacket is an investment, like a great watch or fine wine, it gets better with age and is something to be savored and enjoyed. Below are links to a few of my favorite leather jackets at different price points:

$100-$300 range     $400-$800 range   $1000-$3000   $4000+ range

Photo Credit: @wanderlustgirls

Manhattan Views

What I'm Wearing

Suit from Bar III     Sweater from Uniqlo     Shoes (similar) from Topman

I like to think of this look as the Everymans uniform -A slim fit grey suit, black sweater, black dress shoes, and watch to match. The key component being the fit of the suit. The pants should be hemmed to 1/4 inch break and no more ( use those exact words with your tailor), and they should fit your waist so that a belt is optional. The jacket should be just long enough so that when your arms hang to your side it ends at base of your wrist. Feel free to wear this uniform morning, noon, and night.


Photo credit: @BodiKarsono


Suit Up

What I'm Wearing

Suit from Topman     Shoes from Gant     Pocket Square from Calvin Klein

New York City in the fall might be the best place on earth. As the air starts to cool and the colors begin to change, the people of New York really start to come alive; and so does their style. This fall, I am committed to stepping up my suit game, and bringing four (or possibly more) great looks to the site. 

First up, is this subtle checkered look from Topman. When wearing a patterned suit, I always opt for a solid colored shirt and try to keep the frills to a minimum ( no need for crazy ties or socks- let the suit do the talking). I went with the trendy "air tie" look and added an all white silk pocket square to class it up. 


Photo Credit: @SamyRubyPhoto