Mens Travel Essentials

Whether you are traveling for the holidays, for work, or for fun, its important to have the right grooming essentials along for the ride. Gone should be the days of hap hazardously throwing a few products into a zip lock bag and jumping on the jet. Instead, invest in a decent travel kit, a few key items ( think face wash, deodorant, and this magical caffeine spray you probably didnt know existed) and start traveling like a damn professional. Below are the 6 best mens travel kits money can buy! Click the picture for more details.

SALE SEASON- What To Buy Right Now!

Whats my biggest takeaway from working in the fashion industry over the past three years? Knowing exactly when things go on sale. And trust me, everything goes on sale! I have put together a collection of my favorite items that I have worn over the past three months, all of which are 30% to 80% off right now! The links below will take you directly to the  product on the retailers or brands website!

SUIT UP  50% Off - Click links below for prices:

Theory Suit     Theory Dress Shirt      Allen Edmond Chocolate Wingtips    Bar III Tie

Manhattan Views  80% Off - Click links below for prices:

Grey Suit from Bar III     Uniqlo Black Merino Wool Sweater     Dune London Black Dress shoes     

Fall Staples 40% Off - Click links below for prices:

Suede Theory Jacket     Black Levis     Suede Chelsea Boots

Minimalism 50% Off - Click links below for prices:

Theory Short Sleeve Woven     Theory Neoteric Pant     Common Project Sneakers

Sunday Brunch with @HobokenInHeels

What I'm Wearing:

Topcoat from Theory     Sweater from Uniqlo    Shoes from COS     Bag from Piquadro

What She's Wearing:

Sweater from Ann Taylor Loft     Leggings from BCBG     Shoes from Michael Kors


At some point in your life you will be dragged against your will to Sunday brunch. Epitomized by $18 mimosas and $20 scrambled egg dishes, this New York City way of life is often unavoidable. Luckily, I partnered with personal stylist, blogger, and good friend Kristin Valva (check out her site here @HobokeninHeels) to bring you a "how to" guide for navigating brunch in NYC. 

1.  What to wear- If you are committing to a 2+ hour eating and drinking fest you might as well wear something comfortable. Before you go grab baggy sweatpants and your oversize sweatshirt from college, you need to know the difference between what comfort looks like and what sloppy looks like. In the pictures above, I chose to wear a lux topcoat paired with an easy navy sweater, tailored wool joggers, and white sneakers. I think the key here is pairing something dressy ( cashmere top coat) with something casual (jogger pants and sneakers). This combination allows for comfort while still appearing dressed up.

2. Where to eat- The real key to brunch is selecting a restaurant that will never disappoint on both the food and drink front. If you are paying for $20 scrambled eggs, they better be the best damn scrambled eggs NYC has to offer. EAT HERE: 1. The Smith ( Go to the Upper West side location to maximize vibes).  2. GG's (Cozy East Village spot known for its pizza and cocktails). and 3. Penelope ( Probably a two hour wait, but you wont be mad about it once you taste the pancakes).


Photo Credit: @CharlieCraigle

Steve Jobs Almost Killed The Turtleneck

What I'm Wearing

Coat from Theory     Turtleneck from Uniqlo     Boots ( similar) from Ankarifloruss

Mention wearing a turtleneck and someone close by will throw out a Steve Jobs joke of some sort. The man tucked a black turtleneck into light washed dad jeans and wore it every damn day of his life, and for that dedication I commend him! But it is possible to wear this winter staple with just a hint more style, and a lot less comparisons to Mr Jobs. I shot the look above in Brooklyn in front of a garage covered in graffiti, and tried to match the mood with a more urban style. I wanted the turtleneck to be the center piece of the outfit, so I framed it in all black everything. 

Photo by @AbigailBreslin

Classic Blue Suit

What I'm Wearing

Suit from Theory

If the grey suit is the Everymans uniform, then the blue suit should be your new power suit. Be it an interview, date night, wedding, or other social gathering, arrive in a perfectly fitted deep blue suit and your guaranteed to command attention. For more suit inspiration click here and here!

Photo Credit: @BodiKarsono

The Black Leather Jacket

What I'm Wearing

Leather Jacket from Theory     Jeans ( similar) from Levis     Boots from John Varvatos     Hat (similar) from Topman

The leather jacket is a menswear staple, and a style icon in its own right. Seen on the backs of some of the biggest names in Hollywood, professional sports, and even the business world, the leather jacket is a wardrobe must have. A leather jacket is an investment, like a great watch or fine wine, it gets better with age and is something to be savored and enjoyed. Below are links to a few of my favorite leather jackets at different price points:

$100-$300 range     $400-$800 range   $1000-$3000   $4000+ range

Photo Credit: @wanderlustgirls

Manhattan Views

What I'm Wearing

Suit from Bar III     Sweater from Uniqlo     Shoes (similar) from Topman

I like to think of this look as the Everymans uniform -A slim fit grey suit, black sweater, black dress shoes, and watch to match. The key component being the fit of the suit. The pants should be hemmed to 1/4 inch break and no more ( use those exact words with your tailor), and they should fit your waist so that a belt is optional. The jacket should be just long enough so that when your arms hang to your side it ends at base of your wrist. Feel free to wear this uniform morning, noon, and night.


Photo credit: @BodiKarsono


Full Fall Vibes

What I'm Wearing

Suede Jacket From Theory    Jeans From Levis    Henley ( similar) From AE     Shoes from Dune London

This outfit is comprised of three of my favorite fall items- A suede jacket, black jeans, and Chelsea Boots. I don't care how much or how little fashion means to you, if you own these three items you will always look like you know what you're doing. The Chelsea Boots I am wearing above from Dune London were a fall 2015 pick up, and still look as good as new over a year later. I highly recommend checking out their site ( or store in Soho if you live in New York) and picking up a pair for yourself!


Photo Credit: Joei Blunt

Your Fall 2016 Bomber Jacket

What I'm Wearing

Bomber Jacket From Theory    Neoteric Pants from Theory    Button Up from All Saints     Shoes from COS

The Bomber Jacket has been a staple in most guys wardrobes over the pas few seasons, and this year is no different. The one i'm wearing above from Theory flows perfectly with my minimal style- clean, smooth, and rich in color, this jacket can be worn with both light and dark pants and over a T shirt, sweater, or button up. 

Photo Credit: Joei Blunt

Minimalism In Style

What I'm Wearing

Short Sleeve Button Up from Theory     Neoteric Pants from Theory    Shoes from COS

Clean-Crisp-Simple-Quiet. These are the words that come to mind when I think of Minimalism. I associate minimalism with a purging of unnecessary clutter not only in my wardrobe, but in my life. In NYC there is an overwhelming amount of excess- excess noise, people, traffic, demands, etc- an attempt to keep things minimal within my wardrobe helps to draw this excess out.  This fall, I will be wearing a lot of deep tones that are smooth in texture and can easily be paired across all outfits. Dressing in this manner is easy to duplicate for anyone who wants to clean up their style, remove the excess in their lives,  and make getting dressed everyday a whole lot easier.


Photo Credit: Joei Blunt